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<strong>About Us</strong>

About Us

Rest in Peace Ken Lampert Jr

Rest in Peace Ken Lampert Jr

This practice is built around the way that our Dad did business. He was incredibly generous with his time and would make time for anyone who needed it. His expertise ranged from personal finance and insurance to business succession planning and special needs planning. Over the years of working with him I was given countless non-revenue producing tasks to do for our clients. Getting compensated was always secondary to helping people. While we miss him and wish he was still with us, we are carrying on his mission.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Dad's approach was if you treated people right and did a good job regardless of the financial compensation, you’d work with enough people to be successful. If not, he’d say at very least you’d never have to hide from someone at a party because you’d advised them to do something that was in your financial interest rather than in their best interest.

Those lessons have stuck with us. We do not charge upfront fees or financial planning fees. If we help you get insurance that you need, the insurance company will pay us a commission. If you need an investment account, we can either set it up as an advisory account with an asset management fee or we can act as a broker and get paid a commission. The only time we would consider a financial planning fee is if we were doing it as a less expensive alternative to an asset management fee. Our clients have that choice because that’s how I would want to be treated by my advisors, so that’s how we treat our clients.

Meet our Team

Zachary Lampert, CLU®, ChFC®

Financial Advisor


Zach Lampert was born and raised in Norfolk, graduated from Norfolk Academy with honors, and then graduated from Virginia Tech with honors and majors both in Finance and in Human Resource Management. He started his career in 2005 and...

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Ted Lampert

Director of Operations


Ted Lampert was born and raised in Norfolk and graduated from Norfolk Academy.  He joined the practice in 2013.  He is insurance licensed and primarily handles office and workflow management.  He also handles almost all...

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